Fun Stuff

Welcome to the Fun Stuff section. While the main focus of the site is the IT Resource, I realise that many people just want some light hearted relief (especially if you've just come from the aforementioned IT Resource).

This area has been created purely as a collection of comical material. In keeping with the main theme of the site, much of this material is IT-based. Therefore, it will probably appeal to geeks - I tentatively include myself in this category - more than technophiles. Thus I have attributed a Geek rating** (ranging from one star to three stars) to each page in the IT Comedy column. This rating indicates the amount of geekiness required to fully appreciate the material. A high Geek rating does not mean that complete non-geek won't understand the article, but merely that they may not appreciate it as much as a full-on geek. Anyway, I babble... I hope there is something here for everyone. That's why the menus above cater for both IT and non-IT comedy.

Lastly, please note that most of the articles found here are simply a collection from the public domain. Hence, unless otherwise stated, they are freely available and freely distributable.

Are you a geek? (** P.S. If you find the stuff with a high Geek rating highly amusing, then you may be dismayed to find that you are, in fact, a complete geek. Don't panic. Many of us have lived with geekness since birth and still manage to live a passable existence. If you really need to find out whether you're a complete geek or not, try out the Geek Test? According to this test - which does indeed ask if you've got a lightsaber - I'm a Major Geek. Apparently, there are even sadder categories, but I've yet to meet any one who fell into one of these. If you manage it, then let me know! And whatever you score, make sure you record it in the forum here.)