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Hello and welcome to Just Too Good, my humble home on the Internet. If you're after PC information, then you're in the right place!

The purpose of this site

The main focus of this site is the IT Resource. Here you will find various guides, tutorials and explanations for a plethora of computer-related topics. These guides typically start quite light and then get more and more in-depth. So it's up to you - the reader - to decide how far you want to go. If you absorb all the information I have to offer here, you will be well on your way to becoming a computer guru.

The Motherboard Topics covered include, for example, PC system architecture (with discussions of various components such as the motherboard, CPU, memory and bus), an introduction to binary and hex, and much more.

In particular, make sure you check out the networking section. I developed this section when I found a total lack of coherent networking articles on the Internet. This was especially true of material relating to TCP/IP. I now find this section to be one of the most popular areas of JTG and I receive many emails of commendation for it. Thanks to all who take the time to offer their comments, constructive criticisms and praise.

I do acknowledge that this site hasn't been updated in several years. Sorry about that! However, while I'm quite a bit behind in keeping the site current on stuff like quad-core CPUs and the latest architectures from Intel and AMD, the rest of the content is still very valid and accurate, and no computer expert should be so-named without knowing what you'll find here.

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News and Changes

This site doesn't get many updates these days. In fact, this one page is the only one that has been updated in a few years! But the forum is still active and the content you'll find in this site is still relevent and accurate.

Where to go for your hardware

UKGCAre you in need of a new awesome gaming machine, silent PC, media centre, or maybe just a budget PC? Well, you can't go far wrong with paying a visit to UK Gaming Computers.

I can also heartily recommend PC Specialist for bespoke PC systems built to your specification and at a great price.


Quite a few Forum members are into gaming, especially the likes of Call of Duty 4. If you fancy taking part, joining our clan, hosting a server, or whatever, then we'll be pleased to have your company.

Features and articles

I've recently overhauled the Dual Booting article to include a description of how to dual boot Windows and Linux. Moreover, this article will tell you how you can switch to use the Windows Boot Loader as your primary loader, in preference to LILO or GRUB.


I've written an application called DJ Wallpaper Changer which is available in the Downloads section of the Forum. It allows you set up a playlist of your favourite images (whether they be JPG, BMP or PNG) and then rotates through those images, setting them to your desktop wallpaper on startup/logon. The application runs on startup and then terminates, so it doesn't remain resident and consume any system resources like some similar apps do. I've tested it on XP and Vista. I reckon it will work on Windows 7 too, but what's the point... Windows 7 will already do this for you!

DJ Wallpaper Changer

Just for Fun

The big secret is out. Get your hands on the Windows 98 source code here!

And finally...

People have finally cottoned on that PC questions go in the Forum, and not in my inbox! Well done, and keep up the good work.

Feedback / Contact Info

Well, that's it for the intro. If you have any comments or queries, whether it be IT related or just a general comment, please feel free to contact me using the link below. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome.